“Annual Variation in Energy Consumption of an Electric Vehicle Used for Commuting”

Title: Annual Variation in Energy Consumption of an Electric Vehicle Used for Commuting

Written by: Anatole Desreveaux, Alain Bouscayrol, Elodie Castex, Rochdi Trigui, Eric Hittinger, Gabriel-Mihai Sirbu

Abstract: The energy consumption of an electric vehicle is primarily due to the traction subsystem and the comfort subsystem. For a regular trip, the traction energy can be relatively constant but the comfort energy has variation depending on seasonal temperatures. In order to plan the annual charging operation of an eco-campus, a simulation tool is developed for an accurate determination of the consumption of an electric vehicle throughout year. The developed model has been validated by comparison with experimental measurement of a real vehicle on a real driving cycle. Different commuting trips are analyzed over a complete year. For the considered city in France (Lille), the comfort energy consumption has an overconsumption up to 33% in winter due to heating, and only 15% in summer due to air conditioning. The urban commuting driving cycle is more affected by the comfort subsystem than extra-urban trips.

electric vehicle; energy consumption; traction; heating ventilation air conditioning; simulation; energetic macroscopic representation.

Orginal article: https://www.mdpi.com/1996-1073/13/18/4639  (open access)