Evaluation group

PANDA’s biggest scope is also to share its open unified method with external partners in order to:

  1. evaluate the method and propose additional targeted refinements;
  2. disseminate this novel methodology to European stakeholders to further exploit the PANDA results.

To reach these goals, PANDA has created an Evaluation Group (EG).

Therefore PANDA has created an Evaluation Group (EG).
Each member of this group should:

  • be an European stakeholder in the field of electrified vehicles,
  • be an expert in the field (without conflict of interest with PANDA consortium members),
  • propose a well-defined and unique application to be tested by the PANDA open method for virtual or physical testing, according to the following requirements:
    1. no redundancy with the study cases of the PANDA consortium;
    2. new component, or new electrified vehicles, to be integrated in the PANDA study case.

Members of the EG focus on a defined targeted application of the PANDA method, providing  relevant feedback for the consortium and the entire community.
For more information, please contact Professor Alain Bouscayrol from the University of Lille (see footer).

Evaluation group members