PANDA Final Event

24-25 May 2022 in Lille, France & Online (Hybrid event)

“It will be a great showcase to present what we developed.”
Prof. Alain Bouscayrol welcomes you to the PANDA final event. At the final event the partners will present what they have developed in the past 3 years.

To register for the PANDA Final Event, click here:

PANDA Final Event programme [download]

  • Results from the project: Learn about the latest PANDA innovations from the experts
  • Physical demo: Take a test drive with BEV, PHEV and FCEV, and see how batteries and e-motors are tested via the cloud
  • An hour with the experts: Explore the novel simulation software, guided by the original developers
  • Related projects: Learn what related colleagues have developed in XiLforEV, Vision-xEV and UPSCALE
  • Evalution group: See how other apply the PANDA approach in their real-life applications and use cases
  • Round table: Join the discussion do evaluate the outcomes of the projects, and brainstorm about what we should develop next. 

  Tuesday, 24 May 2022 (08:30 – 16:45 CET)

08:30 Welcome coffee & registration

09:00 Introduction session – Chaired by Prof. Eric Hittinger (Rochester Instute of Technology, USA)

09:10 Welcome & Agenda – By Alain Bouscayrol (ULille, PANDA coordinator) & Willem van Dorp (Uniresearch, PANDA project manager)
09:20 PANDA General introduction – By Alain Bouscayrol
09:40 Introduction by the European Commission – By Eric Cerneaz (EC, PANDA project officer)

10:00 PANDA Key Innovations & Validations sessions – Chaired by Eric Hittinger

10:00 – Unified organization – Key Innovations by Betty Lemaire-Semail & Alain Bouscayrol (ULille)
10:10 – Battery muli-level models – Key Innovations by Theodoros Kalogiannis (VUB)
10:20 – E-drive multi-level models – Key Innovations by Claudia Martis (UTCN)
10:30 – EMR library and Cloud – Key Innovations by Cristi Irimia & Calin Husar (Siemens Software)
10:40 – BEV virtual model – Validations by Gabriel-Mihai Sirbu (Renault)
10:50 – FCV virtual model – Validations by Daniela Chrenko (UBFC)
11:00 – HEV virtual model – Validations by Robin Vincent (Valeo)

11:10 Coffee break

11:30 Physical demo sessions at University of Lille

VALEO-democar – By Robin Vincent & Sylvain Roquet (Valeo)
Toyota fuel cell vehicle (test drive) – By Walter Lhomme (ULille) & Daniela Chrenko (UBFC)
Renault Zoe – By Gabriel-Mihai Sirbu (Renault) & David Ramsey (ULille)
Testing of battery using cloud – By Theodoros Kalogiannis (VUB) & Ronan German (ULille)
Testing of e-drive using cloud – By Florian Tournez (ULille) & Mircea Ruba (UTCN)

12:50 Lunch break

14:15 H2020 project sessions – Chaired by Eric Hittinger
            Interconnection between the projects by Alain Bouscayrol (ULille)

14:20 – Vision-xEV: Reihnard Tatschl (AVL)
14:40 – UPSCALE: Enric Aramburu (Idiada)
15:00 – XilForEv: Valentin Ivanov (TU Ilmenau)

15:20 PANDA Industrial feedback session – Chaired by Eric Hittinger
            Introduction on the industrial partners of PANDA by Willem van Dorp (Uniresearch)

15:25 – Renault: Gabriel-Mihai Sirbu
15:35 – Valeo: Mariam Ahmed & Aurélien Lievre
15:45 – Bluways: Johan Lecoutere
15:55 – Typhoon HIL: Dragan Zuber
16:05 – Siemens Software: Calin Husar
16:15 – TUV: Sven Maisel
16:25 – Impact analysis of PANDA: Alain Bouscayrol (ULille)

16:35 Closing session – Chaired by Eric Hittinger
Closing remarks of the day by Willem van Dorp (Uniresearch)

16:45 End of Day 1

19:00 Gala Dinner with external participants

  Wednesday, 25 May 2022 (08:30 – 16:30 CET)

08:30 Welcome coffee & registration

09:00 Virtual demo session – Chaired by Eric Hittinger

09:45 Hour with experts

10:45 Coffee break

11:05 Global vision session– Chaired by Willem van Dorp

11:05 – Carbon care action of PANDA – By Amandine Lepoutre (ULille)
11:35 – Spin-off on EMR & e-mobility by Abdoulaye Pam (VISys)
11:45 – Round table on future European Projects with:
– Alain Bouscayrol (ULille, PANDA coordinator)
– Omar Hegazy (VUB, ACHILLES & ASSURED coordinator)
– Valentin Ivanov (TU Ilmenau, XILforEV coordinator)
– Cristi Irimia (Siemens Software)
– Mariam Ahmed (Valeo)
– Gabriel Mihai Sirbu (Renault)

12:30 Lunch break

14:15 PANDA Evaluation Group session – Chaired by Eric Hittinger
Presentation of the PANDA Evaluation Group by Alain Bouscayrol (ULille, PANDA coordinator)

14:20 – Fast charging station for EV – By Ye Cheng & Philippe Fiani (Sherpa Engineering)
14:40 – New e-train – By Philippe Barrade (Univ. of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland)
15:00 – Automatic subway – By Ryan O’Berriel & Charles Brocart (Métrople Européenne de Lille)
15:20 – Gas-electric ship – By Fabian Amoros (Segula Technologies)
15:40 – Hydrogen train – By Clément Depature, (SNCF)
16:00 – Open discussion on the evaluation group by Willem van Dorp (Uniresearch)

16:10 Final session – Chaired by Eric Hittinger

Closing remarks with:
– Alain Bouscayrol (ULille, PANDA coordinator)
– Willem van Dorp (Uniresearch, PANDA project manager)
– Prof. Régis Bordet (President of University of Lille)

16:30 End of Day 2