PANDA Final Event

24-25 May 2022 in Lille, France & Online (Hybrid event)

Click here to watch the short movie of the PANDA Final Event (55 sec)

PANDA Final Event programme [download]

  • Results from the project: Learn about the latest PANDA innovations from the experts
  • Physical demo: Take a test drive with BEV, PHEV and FCEV, and see how batteries and e-motors are tested via the cloud
  • An hour with the experts: Explore the novel simulation software, guided by the original developers
  • Related projects: Learn what related colleagues have developed in XiLforEV, Vision-xEV and UPSCALE
  • Evalution group: See how other apply the PANDA approach in their real-life applications and use cases
  • Round table: Join the discussion do evaluate the outcomes of the projects, and brainstorm about what we should develop next. 
Introduction session
  • Welcome & Agenda – By Alain Bouscayrol (ULille, PANDA coordinator) & Willem van Dorp (Uniresearch, PANDA project manager) [presentation in PDF]
  • PANDA General introduction – By Alain Bouscayrol [presentation in PDF]
  • Introduction by the European Commission – By Eric Cerneaz (EC, PANDA project officer) [presentation in PDF]
PANDA Key Innovations & Validations sessions
Physical demo sessions at University of Lille
H2020 project sessions

Interconnection between the projects by Alain Bouscayrol (ULille) [presentation in PDF]

  • Vision-xEV: Reihnard Tatschl (AVL)
  • UPSCALE: Enric Aramburu (Idiada) [presentation in PDF]
  • XilForEv: Valentin Ivanov (TU Ilmenau)
PANDA Industrial feedback session

Introduction on the industrial partners of PANDA by Willem van Dorp (Uniresearch) [presentation in PDF]

Virtual demo session
Hour with experts
Global vision session
PANDA Evaluation Group session

Presentation of the PANDA Evaluation Group by Alain Bouscayrol (ULille, PANDA coordinator) [presentation in PDF]

Final session
  • Closing remarks with:
    – Alain Bouscayrol (ULille, PANDA coordinator) [presentation in PDF]
    – Willem van Dorp (Uniresearch, PANDA project manager)
    – Prof. Régis Bordet (President of University of Lille)