“Carbon care action of a European research project on electrified vehicles”

Title: Carbon care action of a European research project on electrified vehicles

Written by: Amandine LEPOUTRE, Alain BOUSCAYROL, Cristi IRIMIA, Calin HUSAR, Theodoros KALOGIANNIS, Mariam AHMED, Claudia MARTIS, Dragan ZUBER, Damien PHETSINORATH, Fei GAO, Wieteke VAN BALEN, Adrian BIRTAS, Johan LECOUTERE

Abstract: A carbon care action has been developed for a European research project focused on the development of greener vehicles. The aim of this action is to reduce and mitigate the greenhouse gases emissions due the project activities. The classical carbon assessment has been extended to consider all the activities of an international research project. For the 3.5 years project, 209 tons of CO2eq have been estimated as GHG emissions. The most important part is related to the transport despite a significant reduction of travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Assessment method, greenhouse gases emissions, research

Orginal article: https://lilloa.univ-lille.fr/handle/20.500.12210/75737