Multi-Level EMR models for PMSM (Sept 2019 – Month 10)

Intermediate result from partner UTCN

Result has been achieved on 30 September 2019 in month 10 of the project.

The PMSM was modelled in multi-level concept using 3 different approaches: the classical DQ representaton with fixed parameters for the inductances, one when using frozen permeabilities procedure the DQ inductances are 2D curves and the most complex one, using 3D look-up-tables for the fluxes and the torque.

  • Objective: To develop the multilevel model for the PMSM.
  • Research: 3-levels of complexity were developed in EMR organization
  • Result: The comparison with FEA results have best agreement for the flux model.
  • What will it be used for: It is a reference model that will be replicated in Amesim.
  • Impact: The PMSM model will validate the activities engaged in the e-drive work package by UTCN with an experimental demonstrator.