1D-electro-thermal model of the single-cell pack (May 2019 – Month 6)

Intermediate result from partners Bluways, VUB

Result has been achieved on 1 May 2019 in month 6 of the project.

This item describes the development of the 1D-electro-thermal model of the KoKam NMC cell.

  • Objective: To develop and validate the electro-thermal model of the Kokam battery cell in Matlab / Simulink interface.
  • Research: Dedicated characterization were carried out on the cell to obtain the thermal and electrical behavior.
  • Result: The single-cell model showed good validation results at different temperatures.
  • What will it be used for: This result can be used for the development of the battery pack by extending it via multiple branches.
  • Impact: The model of the battery pack is the first step in the T2.1 of WP2. Base on this model, the EMR representation can be developed.

Figure 1: Single-cell model to be extended in a battery pack concept

Figure 2: Validation of the NMC electrical model at 25°C