PANDA Exploitation Workshop @Consortium meeting

3 December 2019 in Brussels, Belgium

Coming together at the VUB in Brussels on Dec. 3rd, the PANDA partners sat together to define their exploitation plans. The main question was: how will they make sure that the PANDA results will be used as widely as possible once the project is finished? In 5 years time, how do we know that PANDA was a success?

To answer this question, the partners split up in three groups for a brainstorming session. Per group, they discussed one of the project objectives: (1) open organisation method, (2) multi-power platform and (3) virtual and HiL testing. For each objective, they defined where PANDA can be implemented, who can benefit from the PANDA results, and how will they use it? Together, they wrote down their conclusions and presented these to the whole group.

With these conclusions in hand, the partners are now ready to define concrete steps to reach their potential market in the best way.

Figure 1: Brainstorm session

Figure 2: Another brainstorm session

Figure 3: Presentation of the conclusions 

Figure 4: The PANDA Consortium