BEV and FCV models uploaded on the Cloud storage (Mar 2021 – Month 28)

Intermediate result from partner SISW

This result has been achieved in December 2020 (BEV models) and March 2021 (FCV models), months 25 and 28 of the project.

One of the objectives in the Panda project is to create a Cloud of models for electrified vehicles. This will allow easier sharing of models between partners, through a dedicated platform which ensures availability at any time, security and maintainance. After the BEV and FCV models have been validated they are uploaded on the Cloud of models. The shared BEV/FCV models will facilitate the process of developing simulations. Other electric vehicle models will be added to the Cloud once they are validated.

  • Objective: Provide easy access to simulations for BEV/FCV, for all the partners, through the Cloud.
  • Result: The Renault Zoe/Mobypost simulations have been uploaded on the Cloud through Panda Explorer,
  • What will it be used for: Any of the partners can easily access the BEV/FCV models through Panda Explorer. Thus, it will facilitate the development of BEV/FCV simulations.
  • Impact: The sharing of the Renault Zoe and Mobypost models on the Cloud saves time by offering an organized storage medium dedicated for Panda BEV models. Users don’t have to worry about maintenance and security of the storage as it is ensured by the Cloud services providing company and they will always be available at any time.

Figure 1: Panda explorer tools showing the BEV component models on the PANDA Drive (Cloud) on the right

Figure 2: Transfer to Cloud using Panda Explorer tool