Cloud simulation platform (May 2020 – Month 18)

Intermediate result from partner SIEMENS

This result has been achieved on 21 May 2020 in month 18 of the project.

The PANDA cloud is ready. Siemens offers all partners in the PANDA project access to the Simcenter Amesim platform from any computer with an internet connection. The cloud access makes it very easy for the PANDA partners to share their models of electrical components (e.g. e-motors, batteries, inverters, etc.), to combine them into a complete vehicle model and virtually test their design.

“The cloud is an essential part of the PANDA project”, says Prof. Alain Bouscayrol, project coordinator. “Our goal is to show that our simulation method is flexible and fast. We can now start learning how to build and test complete vehicle designs together, from our own offices. At the end of the project, everything should be ready for customers, engineers and scientists to work on the next generation of electrical vehicles.”

The PANDA cloud facility is Industry 4.0 ready and gives engineers and developers access to advanced simulation resources without expensive local work stations.

  • Objective: Gain immediate access to Simcenter Amesim simulation tool from any computer connected to internet through a web browser to perform system simulation.
  • Result: A dedicate cloud simulation platform with individual cloud simulation account for all Panda partners.
  • What will it be used for: The new Cloud computing and storage infrastructure with cloud EMR library and computing facility will greatly simplify the access to simulation and analysis resources, will allow mobile, virtual, and instantaneous connection between partners, accessing real-time simulation results and data.
  • Impact: The cloud multi-power simulation platform will facilities the cloud-computing towards industry 4.0, will help to perform a very fast sharing models and knowledge between partners, will allow the spread of the models for seamless integration in a complete vehicle models and smart virtual testing.

Figure 1: Cloud simulation platform