Development of a Multi-scale model of batteries (May 2020 – Month 18)

Intermediate result from partners Bluways, VUB, SIEMENS

This result has been achieved on 30 May 2020 in month 18 of the project.

This item describes the development of the 1D-electro-thermal model of the Valeo NMC module.

  • Objective: The objective is to develop and validate the electro-thermal model of the Kokam battery pack in Matlab / Simulink interface and Amesim.
  • Resesarch: First, the model was developed in Matlab, then SISW imported it into Simcenter Amesim. Bluways developed physically the module and provided the test results to validate the model.
  • Result: The EMR model was validated.
  • What will it be used for: This result can be used for Hardware-in-the-loop testing and the global vehicle model (Real Testing)
  • Impact: The model of the battery pack shows that EMR modelling is quite resourceful and an intelligent way to represent a physical system.


Figure 1: Validation of the voltage and temperature outputs of the EMR model for the NMC module