Multi-scale models for energy storage subsystems
– Lead partner: Vrije Universiteit Brussel

1 Multi-level knowledge models of batteries [VUB – Nov 2019]
This public report will provide different models of batteries based on their physical knowledge and classical tests, and the model organization according to the PANDA methodology.

2 Cloud-computing real testing of batteries [VUB – Mar 2022]
This report will provide the experimental results of the real testing of the batteries of the studied P-HEV based on the HIL simulation using cloud computing.

3 Multi-level behaviour models of batteries [Typhoon HIL – May 2020]
This report will provide different behaviour models of batteries based a blackbox approach and machine learning methods. The model organization will be defined according to the PANDA methodology.

4 LCA indicator of batteries [TUV – May 2020]
A public summary of a confidential report providing LCA indicators of the batteries of the studied vehicles to be used in the LCA study of the entire vehicle.

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