FCLAB Summer School – Virtual FCS 2022

7-10 June 2022 in Belfort, France

The VFCS’22 school is supported by the two European projects Virtual FCS and Haeolus and is organized by UBFC.

During the four days of the VFCS’22 summer school, participants will use the free software Open Modellica with the packages made available by Virtual FCS in order to model different energy systems. UBFC hopes to be able to model both mobile and stationary systems that use renewable energies and storage systems based on batteries or hydrogen. Modeling will be accompanied by various courses on the technical bases of battery and hydrogen systems and modeling bases.

In addition, participants will be able to test fuel cells and batteries during the various practical works and take advantage of a visit to the laboratory.

As participants UBFC has planned master’s students, doctoral students, post-docs, researchers and industrialists. The registration fees of 250€ for master and doctoral students and 350€ for all others are moderate.

You can find current information and the registration form on our website virtualfcs-summerschool.utbm.fr or in this PDF-file.