Panda Explorer tool (May 2020 – Month 18)

Intermediate result from partner SIEMENS

This result has been achieved on 22 May 2020 in month 18 of the project.

The Panda Explorer tool, a new application developed within the project, is the Panda cloud storage and sharing platform. The main functionality of the Panda Explorer is to transfer files, in a secure and efficient way, between a local and/or cloud computer and the Panda Drive.

The application has four main screens, ordered by importance and functionality:

  • Explorer – main page for the folder navigation and transferring to and from the Panda Drive.
  • Library – a list of all the projects shared respecting the PANDA project folder structure.
  • Upload Wizard – a wizard which help to upload models and documents with respects of the PANDA project structure.
  • Transfers – a history of all transfers files.

  • Objective: Facilitate the cloud storage and sharing documents and simulation models between the Panda partners.
  • Result: A new dedicated Panda tool, with a versioning system, deployed to all Panda partners.
  • What will it be used for: Panda Explorer tool support and help all partners to store and transfer the Panda documents and simulation models between them.
  • Impact: This support application facilitates a secured exchange data between the Panda partners and offer the storage place to transfer files between a local and/or cloud computer and the Panda Drive.


Figure 1: Panda Explorer application

Figure 2: The two themes of Panda Explorer side-by-side (left: Local computer, right: Cloud computer)