PANDA tools shipped

January 2021

Our colleagues at Typhoon have sent a set of brand new PANDA tools on their way!

Four electronic control units (ECU’s) have been shipped to our partners in the University of Lille, the Free University of Brussels, Valeo and Siemens. They will use the ECU’s for hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) tests. If it works, for the first time we will be able to organise and interconnect models for all electrical vehicle components. That will allow models from different organisations, physical domains and levels of accuracy to work together seamlessly.

Time to get the hands dirty and start measuring!

Figure 1: Four electronic control units (ECU’s) ready to be shipped from Typhoon to Cluj Napoca and ULille.

Figure 2: Four electronic control units (ECU’s) on its way

Figure 3: One electronic control unit (ECU’s) recieved and installed at ULille and PANDI approves (in the middle)