Tazzari EMR model (Jun 2019 – Month 7)

Intermediate result from partners SIEMENS, ULille

Result has been achieved on 28 June 2019 in month 7 of the project.

Tazzari Zero represent the second EMR vehicle model simulated within Simcenter Amesim.

  • Objective: Realize an EMR vehicle model based on the previous experience.
  • Research: Various methods for improving the EMR working mode have been studied.
  • Result: Second EMR vehicle model within Simcenter Amesim.
  • What will it be used for: The model will be used to validate the working method developed to simulate an electric vehicle in the EMR philosophy.
  • Impact: The model will be used as a reference for the futures EMR vehicle models.

Figure: Tazzari Zero EMR simulation results