New version of the Simcenter Amesim EMR library (Dec 2019 – Month 13)

Intermediate result from partners SIEMENS, ULille

This result has been achieved on 17 December 2019 in month 13 of the project.

A new verion of Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR) library has been developed within the Simcenter Amesim software.
What’s new comparing with the previous EMR library version?


  • the “switching element” is added to the library;
  • the “inversion of switching element” is added to the library;
  • minor cosmetics corrections.

An Help module with the description of each EMR element was added and Simcenter Amesim new developed EMR tutorials included.

  • Objective: To create a dedicated EMR library included in Simcenter Amesim software.
  • Result: New and improved version of EMR library within the Simcenter Amesim.
  • What will it be used for: Develop EMR vehicle models (and other EMR systems) within Simcenter Amesim.
  • Impact: EMR method applied on Simcenter Amesim software will increase the EMR visibility.