PANDA Workshop at EVSHOW

3-4 October 2019 in Bucharest, Romania

Since 2001, EV is a hub for electric mobility professionals and also for electric cars enthusiasts. The conference will bring together a number of national and international specialists in the field who will present scientific papers closely related to electric mobility and renewable energy – Program_EV2019

Date: 3 and 4 October 2019
Where: the ICPE solar park – Bukarest – Romania

On October 3th 2019 Siemens Industry Software Romania, together with Renault Technologie Roumanie and Technical University of Cluj Napoca organized a PANDA workshop during Electric Vehicles International Conference & Show.

EVSHOW is all about electric vehicles and is the only major event in Romania in the field of electric mobility.

The agenda of the PANDA workshop, which took 2 hours, was:

  1. Welcome PANDASISW
  2. Challenges in the Automotive Industry and eMotor TechnologyRTR
  3. Energetic macroscopic representationSISW
  4. Multi-level knowledge models of a permanent magnet synchronous machineUTCN
  5. Functional and structural representation under Simcenter AmesimSISW
  6. Conclusions

The three Romanian PANDA-partners were represented at this workshop by Cristi Irimia, Calin Husar and Edis Raclaru (SISW), Niculae Boicea, Gabriel-Mihai Sirbu, Adrian Birtas and Nikolaos Tsirakis (RTR), Claudia Martis and Sorina-Maria Ciornei (UTCN).

The PANDA-team exposed the current status and challenges of creating robust time effective simulations for EVs. The project dissemination was completed with Q&A about EMR and the expected reduction of product development time.
At the end we received an invitation from University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest to present the current simulation techniques and PANDA-project to their students and research teams.