FCV model implemented in Amesim (Dec 2020 – Month 25)

Intermediate result from partners SISW, UBFC, ULille

This result has been achieved in December 2020 in month 26 of the project.

The FCV model of the Mobypost is used as a reference for FCV simulation and testing evaluation. The model implemented in Amesim, using the EMR formalism, was tested and validated. The Amesim model of the FCV will be uploaded on the Cloud, where it wil be accessible by all the Panda partners facilitating the sharing of FCV models.

  • Objective: Provide FCV model in Amesim.
  • Result: The FCV simulation in Amesim offers the same results as the simulation in Matlab.
  • What will it be used for: The FCV model in Amesim will be used for Mobypost model validation in Amesim. The FCV model in Amesim can be used for simulations in Amesim of other FCV models.
  • Impact: The implemented Amesim FCV model is reusable and will be sharable on the Cloud facilitating the development of FCV models in Amesim.

Figure 1: Simcenter Amesim implementation of the Mobypost EMR model