Mobypost model validation (Jan 2021 – Month 26)

Intermediate result from partners SISW, UBFC, ULille

This result has been achieved in January 2021 in month 26 of the project.

Mobypost is one of the PANDA reference vehicles used to demonstrate the product life-cycle management of EV. It is used as a reference for FCV. An EMR model of the Mobypost was build, in Amesim, using the fuel-cell, battery, e-drive, and vehicle dynamics models by UBFC. The Mobypost model is validated by comparing simulation data, from Amesim, with measurement data from a real Mobypost, on a given test scenario. The validation ensures the quality of the predictions made through simulation and so the model can be used for product life-cycle management.

  • Objective: Validate Mobypost model to ensure the quality of the simulations.
  • Result: A testing scenario were defined, and data was collected from the designed experiment. The validation tests approve the model and simulation quality.
  • What will it be used for: The built FCV model can be used for the product life-cycle management of FCVs.
  • Impact: The validation tests ensure that the models and simulations built, are in proper use and have an approved quality for their use in product life-cycle management.

Figure 1: Measured and simulated vehicle velocity profile


Figure 2: Measured and simulated battery state-of-charge

Figure 3: Measured and simulated H2 tank state-of-charge