Renault Zoe and Mobypost multilevel simulation (Jan 2021 – Month 26)

Intermediate result from partners SISW, ULille, VUB, UTCN, RTR, UBFC

This result has been achieved on November 2020 (Renault Zoe) and January 2021 (Mobypost) in month 24 and 26 of the project.

Multilevel simulations have an important role in the product life-cycle management. They allow to perform a wider range of tests by adjusting between model complexity and model accuracy. Using the multilevel models, for battery and e-drive, developed in the Panda project, multilevel vehicle models for the Renault Zoe and Mobypost have implemented, tested and validated them with real measurement data.

  • Objective: Provide multilevel simulations for Renault Zoe and Mobypost vehicles.
  • Result: Multilevel simulations for the Renault Zoe and Mobypost have been implemented in Amesim. The configurations have been validated with real measurement data made on track. A comparison of the different levels shows an increase in simulation time with model complexity, but the more complex models also provide more information about the system.
  • What will it be used for: Multilevel simulations can be used at different stages of the product life-cycle management to address multiple design and testing requirements through simulations.
  • Impact: Multilevel simulations extend the virtual design and testing processes, by digitalizing more tests that can be executed virtually with the right complexity simulation.

Figure 1: Level 1 Renault Zoe EMR model in Amesim

Figure 2: Level 2 Renault Zoe EMR model in Amesim